Journey of Receiving Gao Yord Yant

Gao Yord Yant

Gao Yord Yant

I’m back to writing in my blog after abandoning it again for the millionth time. Life’s been kinda crazy but great. I can seriously say, 2014 has been an awesome year! Finally quit smoking cigarettes and switched to a vaporiser and nicotine intake down to 6mg! This Christmas marks the 1 year anniversary of quitting cigarettes :).

Also, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a dragonboater and just finished racing in the Penang International Dragonboat Festival for the 2nd season! It was a totally exhausting and sun burnt weekend but an exhilirating adventure!

Anyhow, today’s post is about my spiritual journey. Since embracing Thai Bhuddism and getting my Paed Tidt Yant, I have been wanting to get another Yant. For the past few years I had the burning desire to get the Gao Yord Yant. It is referred to as the “master yant”, the most powerful Yant of all Yants. Usually received as the first Yant before getting other Yant designs. So I again Iooked and kept on looking for a place in KL to receive this tattoo but as always, I came to dead ends. Just last month I decided to travel back to the shrine in Penang where I get the Paed Tidt Yant and it was closed for the day (was just a short trip).

Finally found a place in KL somewhere foreign to me and went in the little shop to find out more. Long story short, I did not get the Yant there because I didn’t have a good feeling about that place. So I kinda came to the conclusion that I’m probably not fated to receive the Gao Yord Yant yet.

Apprently not! The week of the dragonboat race, I took extra time off from work just to rest up in Penang after months of brutal training and decided to visit the shrine again. I was in luck! They were open and me being nervous and all, chicken out. I learnt months ago that the GaoYord Yant was going to be the most painful Yant because of its power. After a couple days of contemplating, decided that it is now or never. So I made some arrangements with the Ajahn through phone calls and set to do it on a Friday, the day before the race!

I arrived super early on Friday morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I greeted the Ajahn, he was my father’s old friend who watched me grow since I was a kid! A huge flood of relieve washed over me. So we all got ready and I sat in front of Ajahn with my bare back and hugging the pillow. As he was about to start, it dawned on me that this is really happening, I’m finally receiving the Gao Yord Yant!

He started the process and boy, the pain was searing! I can safely say it is way more pain than the Paed Tidt Yant which was nothing compared to this. My whole body started shaking, hands clenched together, toes curled and I bit into the pillow as the pain continues to burn. At some point of time, I kinda zoned into the sound of prayer chants as I felt weaker and weaker. Half an hour passed, we took a break. Then conitued with 2nd layer of inking and patching up. At this point, my body was numb from so much pain I only felt little. And it was finally done. He lathered medicated oil on my back and prayed, it was so soothing.

Finally got it done and I learnt alot about myself during the process and about how fascinating our bodies are! I felt empowered and ready to conquer the world! LOL! Anyway, the Yant heals real fast, I did not feel a thing during the next 2 days of racing!

So that’s my journey, I’ll probably write about my race soon. Adios!


Lil’ Splash Party with Suicide Wings and Great Company!

Oh geez, was so busy with work that I’ve got no time to update my blog…again! Well at least I don’t bore my readers with daily nonsense that much anymore LOL! So I’m back here and boy! What a great Saturday spent! Early last week, I decided to throw a little gathering cum party at my place because everybody is pretty stressed out and down with work. The plan was to do it by the pool side and I will make the devilishly spicy “Suicide Wings” and salad for dinner. It was really exciting and everyone was looking forward to it! There were supposed to be 8 of us but half pulled out the last minute but it was all still good, more wings for us 4!


I invited May to come early to help me out with the food, thank God she was around, otherwise I would have struggled to churn out all the food in 2 hours! It was funny watching May’s reaction while making the wings, she was as excited as a kid in a candy store! When the first batch of wings came out, the chili fumes just choked us but that made me salivate more! Anyway, finally made all the food and Johnny reached just on time and Jordache is forever late. Decided to go to the pool without him.

Suicide Wings!


Got everything and walked over to the pool side and damn, the gazebo was occupied! But we improvise and made a little corner for ourselves at the other end of the pool. So typical of Jordache to just sauntered in as we finish settling down and about to start our dinner. All of us attacked the wings first, I was pretty disappointed as the wings wasn’t as suicidal as I thought it would be, I guess the honey kinda toned it down a notch but it was still good! Played music on the amp, ate, drank and sang. Was all nice and relaxing until we finished eating. That was when the real fun began!


None of us actually had the brain to bring our wet suits with us (we’re supposed to swim!). I decided to dip my legs into the splash pool and the next thing I know, water rained down on me! That’s it! The water war had just started! First it was splashing then out came the paper cups and then the big salad bowl! We were chasing each other around like lunatics and splashing each other. I thought of dunking Jordache in the big pool when I had the chance but then I remembered that he couldn’t swim! Then at one point May and myself couldn’t see where Jordache is, then all of a sudden we heard this loud clanging sound, “HE IS RIGHT THERE!!”, apparently Jordache was hiding but he tripped on the manhole cover. “ATTACK!!!”, we cornered him and he surrendered but we still splashed with all the water we had!


Then we decided to take a breather, OMG, can’t believe we were all so out of breath and soaking wet fully clothed! Johnny seem a tad bit quiet so I went and sat beside her by the splash pool. Chatted awhile and I can hear May and Jordache whispering, they must be concocting some evil plan behind us! Then I realized, they are going to dunk me into the pool! LOL! Then May came over and started shoving me, I grabbed the edge of her skirt and said “Oh no no, if you’re not gonna dunk me, why are you still shoving me?”! If I was going down, I’ll make sure someone goes down with me! Then it was all a blur trying to wrestle each other down with pulling, shoving and tickling , I was lying on the edge literally inches from falling in and decided to flip May into the water! Jordache pushed at the right time as well and we both finally fell in πŸ˜› Next up was Jordache, May bear hugged him and he held on to the pillar. I got him to let go and started dragging him to the edge and all of the sudden I think May let go and both Jordache and myself fell in! What the hell, that was the 2nd time I got dunked! But it was all fun though. And later on, I got dunked by May again! Johnny was the coolest though, cus she was wearing a hearing aid and we couldn’t shove her in, she decided to jump in herself!


Well the fun had to end because it was getting pretty chilly (was already 12 midnight) and I was sneezing my nose off. We gather up everything and head back upstairs still dripping wet. Had showers and finished up the leftovers, a lil nap and everybody headed home. I was so knackered with only 3 hours of sleep the previous night. But it was so much fun to troll around with crazy friends πŸ™‚ I guess this won’t be the last or only time we’re doing this. Can’t wait for the next one!

Doraemon Word Tour @ Genting Highlands

I was just browsing through my photos on the ipad yesterday and it struck me! How can i forgot to blog about my road trip?? Wow, that unmemorable huh? About 2 weeks ago on a Wednesday, Jordache and i went on a day trip to Genting Highlands for the Doraemon World Tour (yes, i admit, i’m still a kid at heart!). I was still in the holiday mood and very excited about the trip. You see, as most of the children in the 80’s grew up watching Doraemon or reading the comics and me included. I at one point had a full collection of Doraemon comics on a shared custody with my cousin whom we lived together.

Anyway, back to the road trip. Woke up extremely early and made sandwiches for breakfast and lunch (we were kind on a budget trip due to a late check bank in). Somehow, Jordache came over late despite not being able to sleep from the excitement!? So we started our journey @ 7am and then i realized, i’ve forgotten which route to take! So whip out the gps on ipad and followed the route. At one point we were so off mark and i had no idea how it happened! Long story cut short, we found the way to Genting finally.

I was really enjoying the drive (me driving), the air was so crisp and fresh although i was puffing away on my ciggarette all the way up the mountains. It was pretty foggy that morning, went really slow as the visibility was less than 10m when we were nearing our destination! Stumbled around in the fog and found the carpark (YAY!) and ate our breakfast in the car.

We gathered our stuff and went into First World Indoor and everything seemed to be still closed! I guess we were too early as it was only 9am. Decided to walk to the Arena of Stars to find out if we can get our tickets to the tour earlier since it starts at 10am. We roamed around on foot in the cold and fog just to find that the ticketing counter only opens at 10am! Sigh! Decided to walk around and stumbled across the arcade center and blew 10bucks on 2 games. Then returned to the Arena of Stars.

The queue was pretty mild, were just waiting for the gates to open. At 10.30am, we were allowed in, got a free Doraemon TouchNGo card (for those who don’t know, the card is widely used to pay tolls, bus fares, food and even to purchase stuffs). While queueing after that, we get to buy credits for our cards as cash and credit cards are not valid for purchases inside the tour. At this point, i was wondering why we needed to wait again but soon found out that we are to be guided by our tour guide (who apparently speaks only mandarin @_@) in a group of 10 to 15 people.

I was pretty disappointed with the entire tour actually. After the queue, we had to walk down the stairs in the stadium without lights or anything to hold on to. A kid lost her shoe in the dark and was yelling and crying. That settled. We proceed into the first room, the Introduction room, (who doesn’t know Doraemon??) i tried to take pictures on my ipad but the entire place was too dark! Where are all the lights? It was dim with some lights from outside of the room. As we were about to leave for the second room, then only the lights came on! WTH??? It was all the same for all the rooms that we visited. I was feeling pretty frustrated by the end of the tour. I came to see the Doraemon family and i had to see it in the dark! After the tour, it was free and easy time to roam around and snap photos. Nothing much to see. Even the gallery where cool stuff from Doraemon’s pocket are placed in display glass boxes is dimly lit! I was getting quite agitated already by that time and can’t wait to go to the other parts of the tour outside of the stadium.

On the outside, at the carnival, well not much of a carnival anyways. There were a few tents here and there and it was desserted. We decided to head to Doraemon Mall. Got a little lost as we were actually in part of the outdoor theme park! There wasn’t much signages around. Β Found the “mall” which turns out to be a big tent with some merchandise for purchase. I expected something more than that i guessed. Bought a couple of stuff then head off back to the main entrance. Basically after the tour which took about half an hour (that is how small it is), we just moped around in the fog and relaxed in Starbucks most of the time.

Decided to head back to KL around 5pm which is a very bad idea. We got stuck in the traffic jam at Batu Caves then all the way back to Subang. Horrible decision! After this experience, i wish to say only one thing to the Doraemon World Tour organizers, “deliver what you want the visitor to expect or don’t do it at all”


Lately, i have been receiving text messages from unknown numbers. I get pretty annoyed when they just go “Hi!”. I mean introduce yourself at least? Rather than me replying “who is this? Or do i know you?”. You see, the thing is, i hate to type messages on my phone. It just annoys me to the max that it takes me longer to type out the entire message on my touch screen phone than just make the bloody call and speak what i have in mind!

Anyways, back to the unknown message senders, i realized that it is actually the fault of my phone, or rather my fault. I have an adroid phone which means i can tinker with it all i want. So i hacked the phone, changed the OS and played around with some pretty complicated stuff. So somehow i screwed up the registry or something, my contacts are all a mess! Some went missing, some has extra digits on it, missing names and missing contacts.

So yeah, i do know the senders. Just don’t remember their numbers that is. Lol! Sigh…i should probably get a new phone when i have the cash. This one’s kinda screwed up pretty much.


It is the time of the year again, Valentine’s Day that is. I have always hated this special day. Perhaps it is because i have never had anyone to celebrate it with? Oh well, i guess i will just sit at home and chill. I chose to be single by choice i guess. The thought of putting myself out there to meet someone new was never in my list of priorities. Why? I’m not too sure myself. Maybe i should go socialize more, make more friends and who knows, maybe i will meet someone?

You see, it is not that easy due to my sexual orientation. Somehow, in my daily socializing at work or outside of work, i rarely meet any females who dates another female. Or maybe i just have very bad gaydar :S I just couldn’t tell if a person is really gay or not unless if that person clearly is a butch, which is not my preference. Generally it is easier to meet someone with the same orientation at a LGBT gathering which most of the time i couldn’t make it to attend.

A friend recently said to me, “you can’t just sit there and do nothing and expects someone to just walk into your life! You oughta give more effort than that!” I totally agree with what she said, but looking for a partner right now is not in mymlist of priorities therefore, i don’t feel like putting myself out there. If it happens, it happens. Period.

After all, i chose to be single by choice so i have to bear with the ocassional loneliness. I guess i can deal with that. Maybe looking for someone will be in my list once i have checked a few others πŸ™‚

P/s: sometimes i do wonder if i did make the right choice, what if that special one slipped away due to my choice? But then again, if it is to be then it is meant to be right?

1 Year Ago

I’m back to writing again after abandoning my blog for more than a year. Surprising enough, I still get visitors although there haven’t been any updates done on this blog! Anyway, where shall I start? It has been a rough year for me, work, life…ect, hence the lack of time to write.

Finally got my stuff together and I feel like my life is changing for good, especially for year 2012. If you have been following my post, you know that I have been through very rough times throughout the years. Something changed in me, I’m not sure what triggered this but I want to take control of my life and clean up the mess that I have made. Probably I have grown up a lil more. Well at least I’d like to think that way. Or perhaps I’m sick of being in a mess.

Anyhow, I’m working towards a very good future for myself. Year 2012 is the time where I need to have the will of steel and discipline of a soldier to get my goals. Hopefully all goes well. And I am grateful to have family and friends that supports my cause 100%! πŸ™‚

On another note, Oscar invited me to a gathering last night and surprise surprise!! I met some friends I haven’t seen in years! And we were talking about how when we first met, I was this naive little thing fresh in KL trying to build a new life. And now after 5 or 6 years, I have grown so much! This friend said she feels old now…if 5 or 6 years back she had a kid, the kid would be at least 4feet all now (wtf??). Bullshit aside, I was extremely happy to see them again, they are the ones who opened my eyes in this big city life. That’s what friends are for right? πŸ™‚

So I guessed this is my very first update for year 2011, although it is already December, but heck, better late than never! Stay tuned for more, as I will be updating this blog more often from now on. Adios!


Finally I feel like writing something here…merely because I have some stuff to rant about. It’s kinda been a rollercoaster ride for me lately. Two things I hated the most happened to me, accusation and humiliation. On normal circumstances, I can be quite “cin cai” but if I were to be accused of something I did not do and humiliated, that’s it, I’ll fight you till I get my Β revenge!

I was probably 2 weeks ago, had a big fight with my mom, she accused me of not doing enough to make money! Accused me of not caring, not doing anything to help the situation. She refused to listen to my explanation, I have done everything I can but it’s never enough for her. I told her I do not want to talk about this anymore because clearly it’s not a conversation anymore and stormed out of her room. Next thing I knew, she came to my room and demanded I open the door or she’ll break it down. Opened up, got my stuff and walk right out of the house. Refused to pick up any of her calls despite it’s past midnight (I still have my ridiculous curfew). She was scheduled to fly out station the next day for a week. I was kinda glad she’s away because I hate to fight. I felt strongly to protect my rights, accusation is not to be taken ligthly, although it’s not really a wise thing to give your mother the cold treatment but I did to prove that mothers are not always right. After a week of cold treatment, mom finally apologized to me after she talked to a family friend and realized that she was wrong. We mended out relationship after that.

Sigh..I though everything is over then came another incident that really made me felt silly and pissed at the same time! I live with my mom, and 2 other housemates (married couple) they had 2 babies in a year and the grandparents had to come over to take care of the kids. Well, did I mention that we SHARE everything in the house? My housemates kinda colonized the house literally. I never get to cook in the kitchen, dining table is always full of their stuff, I can never find the time to do my laundry because the machine is always in use, stupid toys everywhere (I would have died if I hadn’t held on to the railing when I trip over a toy on the stairs one night), noise pollution and not to mention that they are bloody inconsiderate! I’ll rant about that the next time.

Well, just a couple of days ago, as usual went to the kitchen to get a glass of water to drink, brought it up to my room. After that I heard a knock on my door, it was the grandfather, he asked if I was using a cup. I said yeah…so? He demanded that he want to use that cup (not in a very nice way) I was left flabbergasted! Why on earth do u want this cup for??? There’s tons of cups in the kitchen shelves. He did this twice already and this is the third time he does it. I told him he’ll have to wait because I haven’t drank my water yet. He demanded again raising his voice, gee that really got on my nerve, especially when I have a guest in my room. He’s not respecting my privacy, but I did not say anything, instead, took the bloody cup, went downstairs pour the water in the sink and slam the cup on the wooden table in front of him and his son and said, you can have the fucking cup! His son was just staring at me bewilded (well, I don’t fucking care!).

I told my mom about these incident last night, and she said we should do this experiment. I’ll use her personnel cup while she’ll use the SHARING cups in the kitchen to see weather the uncle will come demand the cup from her LOL! But my guess is, he’ll come to me instead and I’ll definitely say something nasty this time, he humiliated me in front of my guest and that I cannot forgive. Seriously, he’s old but he’s not sick, it’s just his attitude that sucked! I’ve stopped being nice to him or any of his family member. It’s not worth the effort I tell you. Mom said something which I totally agreed last night! She said “if they can do whatever they want, we can do it too, why do we have to live to their rules when we SHARE the house!” And by saying this I think mom should stop going to the market for them. Seriously, it blows a hole in the pocket to feed the entire household!

There’s no use ranting…I probably should just move out. Peace *V*

She went out with her “boyfriend”

It’s been quite awhile since I last updated my blog…and I’m feeling kinda guilty not doing so. You see, I have no idea who visits my blog besides some of you whom I know (you know who you are πŸ˜› thanks for visiting), the point is, I still get the average number of visitors to my blog that I get when I do update my blog even though I haven’t done so for more than a month! So I’ve decided not to abandon my blog and come back and write something here.

Where shall I start…so many things had happened. I don’t even know where to begin!

Major highlights are

1) I lost my car but got it back again, and I don’t wanna talk about it here. It’s too depressing.

2) I freaking have a curfew now because of the lost & found car (never in my life I had a curfew before!)

3) At the same day I lost the car, I almost missed my dance performance/cancelled our paid performance at a company event because my entire set of costume was in the car!

4) I found someone that mean a lot to me :D, well this was not a month ago but it wasn’t mentioned in any of the posts. Somehow I just wasn’t ready to let anyone know…but I did, officially. It was nerve wrecking!!! It turned out alright I guessed. LOL! I still remember Nic saying “told you so!” Hehe, I know, I know πŸ™‚

5) During my visit back to hometown in Penang, found out one of my youngest cousin (we kinda grew up together when we’re kids) is gay!! And she came out to the entire family! A strict Catholic family and they were fine with it!! I couldn’t believe my ears when we were all having a lil girl chat in the room with my youngest aunt and cousins. And somehow I felt a lil jealousy from myself cuz I’m gay and I’m not out to my family, I don’t have the guts to do it. I was kinda intimidated as well because I don’t want my family to know yet but at one point of the conversation, I asked (should have just shut my blardy mouth!) does her “boyfriend” Β look like?” My cousin bluntly pointed her finger at me and said “Like you“. What the earth??? Gee I almost got a heart attack there, but I wanna make sure what she meant and she said “the girlfriend is really good looking, dressed like a guy and she look like you!” Then I realized what she meant, I look androgynous since I was a kid, always have been, so to straight people, it’s called a “guy-ish girl” and not bluntly pointing out that I might be gay..hmm I don’t know. Well, subject changed and I was glad I didn’t have to be confronted about my sexuality by my family…a strict Catholic family!

Anyway, I think that’s all for today’s post. I really don’t have much that I want to write here (not for public view at least πŸ˜‰), so I’ll be back to update in a few days’ time I hope!

Thanks folks, for tuning in!

That’s How The Cookie Crumbles

I think those of you who followed my blog religiously would know that I always dub myself as ignorant and how it got me into loads of mess. And guess what? It has happened again. I was ignorant to the signs, to my visions and my instinct and now I’m in a big mess. I never did learnt my lesson. I’m so pissed at myself for the need to be so positive all the time!

I saw the signs earlier on but I ignored it thinking that it will work out somehow. But it did not. My instinct was telling me to stand my ground but I did not because I was afraid to burn bridges. And now I’m suffering the consequences. So fucking pissed with this! And because of ignorance, I wasted so much time waiting and waiting for the biggest project that my company is handling to happen despite KNOWING that it will not work out. But I can’t regret or submerge myself in self pity and anger. I feel like breaking some glasses and knocking the table over. Seriously, my reaction was so big when I got the news that it was not going to happen that people around me just stared at me bewilded. Sigh….

Well, a friend said that everything happens for a reason, no point being upset about it. With that I came to realization about the truth of what she mentioned to me. I finally saw how the cookie crumbled and how the puzzles starting to fit together. The Almighty has his own way giving us what we want. I have a dream, to expand my business with what I do best but was stopped by the circumstances. There was no way it will happen in the timeline that I’ve set up. But now I do. With my biggest project cancelled, I get to pursue my dream in the timeline that I’ve set up! But never in my wildest dreams that I’m going to hit such a huge disappointment before I can go on with my dream. I guess there’s always a wall to hit before you get anything done eh?

I try not to let emotions run me. I discovered that I can be such a cold person that I can set my emotions aside with a snap of fingers. Switched into a cold blooded businesswoman regardless if I burn the bridges or not. I was scared at myself for a moment there but logic kicked in and I know this is the right thing to do. I am going to do it and not waste precious time on my company’s expense. I’m tired of the informality and the way business is being run. For once, I’m going to stand my ground instead of saying “I told you so”. Wish me luck! Am going to change my history once and for all.

Precious Pounds

I have this dilemma going on about my weight. Technically, I’m underweight but I don’t look like an anorexic. Gained 7 pounds during the holidays and I was pretty excited about it although I broke my healthy diet regime by eating a lot of junk. Then after the holidays, I’m back to making my own food. My meals are a mix of dark green vegetables and high protein diet so that I can build more flesh instead of fat. Well, I do have my portion of carbs once in awhile when I do a lot of cardio. I’ve been dancing probably 3-4 hours daily to prepare for an upcoming show and I’ve lost the 7 pounds that I’ve gained! :S My dilemma is, I need to have carbs to fuel my energy source but at the same time I want to build more toned flesh and carbs are not helping! If I only have high protein diet, then I’m low on energy to dance. Yeah, you’ll probably say, include both carbs and protein in your diet! I can only eat certain amount of food. So if I put in carbs, I can’t take that much protein, which I need to help me flesh up and toned. So what’s the point of me taking carbs to fuel my energy to dance and can’t build flesh?? Defeats the purpose of exercise ain’t it?

Besides, I find that with a high protein diet, I tone really easy!! But kinda breathless after 5-6 continuous rounds of the dance routine LOL!!! I think I should start body pump exercise again to put on weight with flesh to compensate for the lost of weight because of too much cardio. *gotta go sabo somebody’s dumbells!*

p/s: by the way, as a rule of thumb, do not go to the extreme, too much protein kills!! And of course do not have zero carbs. It has to be balanced πŸ™‚

Nightmares VS Sleep

What the HELL…it’s almost 6am and I’m still awake watching Guns N Roses Patience live on Youtube! Sigh…I just can’t fall asleep. I’m tired but my mind just wouldn’t let me sleep. I had a theory, that maybe I was afraid to close my eyes and have nightmares. I’ve had nightmares 2days in a row. Really have no idea why I have them. I have them when I sleep at night and even when I take an afternoon nap! The first day I had it, I was jolted awake screaming for help. The second time….I don’t remember the dream but I knew it was scary as well.

I think I shall have some milk (comfort food mah) and try to sleep because I’m really beat and tomorrow (technically it’s later in the morning) will be a long, long day.

Good night peeps!

Fit As A Fiddle eh?

Sigh…I don’t know how to start writing this.. it’s about my health. I seem physically fit..but something’s not right with my body. My seasonal lethargic-ness is coming back. And it always comes around at the early start of the year and will last for at least 3 months. Might be the weather shift? I don’t know…I shall just meditate more..even though I’m still conscious during meditation, I can still get my rest there. But I’m not in the mood to meditate these days…ugh! It takes up too much time and concentration :S

On another note, I’m having dinner with Hiu and Oscar tonight…apparently Oscar’s got some juicy story going on about last night why she stayed up till the wee hours in the morning! πŸ˜› HAHAHA!

Need For Speed

Two days ago…hold on, it was yesterday. A friend invited me to join her and her colleagues for a go-carting session at the Shah Alam Stadium. I was pretty excited about it but hesitated to actually take a drive because I was kinda shy and didn’t wanna be dubbed as a “show-off”. Well, I was in the go-carting team in the junior league back during high school years. We raced around in narrow indoor tracks. But I decided to go for it since it was an outdoor track, a big one at that. And my friend’s colleague is a trained go-carter.

Jumped into one of those carts with max speed of 80km/hr, I was surprised that there’s no safety belts to put on! I didn’t really care anyways, rev the engine and off I went onto the tracks. It was really different driving out in the open air track. Track was super rough, Β it was wider and the carts were faster! I got such huge adrenaline rush from the speed! I think I’m never gonna race in indoor tracks ever again! Although I was numb from all those vibrations where it made my glasses clatter all the time, it was all worth it!

As I got more comfortable, I decided to speed up. Went on top speed at the turns and the feeling was like “SHIT I’M GONNA DIE IF THE CART FLIP OVER!” And soon I caught up with this guy wearing silver helmet, he is a regular racer I think. He decided to race with me, GAME ON! I had so much fun! He’s such a good competitor and he won! Even if I did not skid off track when one of my tires rolled onto the elevated barrier, I couldn’t have won the race too LOL! It has been so long since I last raced with a go-cart!

Well, all good things always comes to an end, some guy flagged us all down and we all exited into the pit stop. I was feeling kinda woozy when I got out from the cart, I guess it was the sun, heat and extreme vibrations. Then I realized, I just ruined my white khakis! DAMNET! Fuel spilled all over my legs when I hit the elevated barrier and I did not notice it! Thank goodness it did not combusted into flames :O

This outing really made my day πŸ™‚ I was so pumped up despite suffering from the G-Force pull now. Whole upper half of my body is aching and stiff LOL!! However, this is not gonna be my last time racing there, I’m gonna go for a drive again probably after CNY πŸ˜€

Dragon Ball

“dragon ball all flashed before me when you mention that! LOL! “

LOL! Yeah, I was telling a friend about me being hit by someone’s energy field last night. Her using dragon ball to describe the incident was kinda close to what I felt! I was an idiot, forgetting the basic rule of protecting myself before starting the energy wave thing. Then it came..felt like a big invisible rock just landed on my chest that made me go UHUUUUUKKKKK!!! WTH right? I was doing it because it’s an important matter (I can’t say what it is), and spent the whole night practicing and really pushed myself mentally. But I only got a little out of it. It was a double doze thing, cuz I was taping into another person’s energy field..well just for the fun of it πŸ˜›

It wasn’t that fun after 3 hrs of doing that, I was drained…mentally exhausted. Went home, can’t sleep. Twist and turned till around 4am. Had disturbed sleep..weird enough, I just went Β “TING!” woke up at 930am. Fell asleep again till around 3pm just now and I still feel like shit!

Am gonna relax and hopefully have better sleep tonight to compensate my lack of sleep last night πŸ™‚